MultiCH Borderline Country Tornado

17.03.2001 - 19.02.2016

sire: Ch Borderfame Heart´N Soul   dam: Ch Lionheart Anya at Borderline


CEA-DNA carrier

CL, TNS-DNA normal bp

gonioscopy clear


co-owned with his breeder Heidi Poschacher



My one and only Tom - a true "once-in-a-lifetime-dog"!

What could I say about him... he is one of the best "things" that ever happend to me ... and I cannot thank Heidi enough for entrusting me this wonderful dog.


Tom is not only Multi-Show-Champion (his titles are nearly uncountable), he also has CD, Obedience and herding exams. He would all do you asked him to do - a true Border Collie. At home he is the perfect partner, at shows a real showman (enjoying every minute in the spotlight) and at every kind of work he has a great will-to-please. Now nearly 11 years old, he fortunately is still fit, even he winds down a bit, I hope I can share some more happy years with this charming boy!

some of his titles:


International Champion (CIE & CIB)
Austrian Champion
German Champion VDH
Slovakian Champion
Slovakian Grandchampion
Croatian Champion
Czech Champion
Hungarian Champion
Hungarian Champion of Champions 2006
German Juniorchampion
Austrian Juniorchampion
Aut, Slo, Cz Veteran Champion
Winner Mid & East Europe Cup
Mid & East European Winner
Austrian-Hungarian Winner 05
National Winner CZ
Slovakian Clubwinner
Czech Clubwinner
Croation Clubwinner
Zagreb Winner
Double Champion
lot of Groupplacings
res. BIS
lot of CACIBs
lot of BOBs


Top Junior Border Collie 2002 ÖCBH
TOP Border Collie 2003 & 2004 & 2005 ÖCBH
TOP British Herdingdog 2003 ÖCBH
Austrian ÖKV Showwinner 2009
Top Veteran Border Collie 2009, 2010, 2011 ÖCBH